Knee & Shoulder Pain and Injury

Knee and shoulder injuries can be sudden or develop over time. Knee and shoulder injuries are common sports injurieson-the-job injuries and home injuries.

Knee and Shoulder Pain

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Knee Resources

Knee Pain and Injuries

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Surgery Options Through the Oregon Surgical Institute


Shoulder Resources

Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Best Stretches and Rotator Cuff Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Injuries


“Dr. Mirza and his staff are phenomenal. He is the only doctor out of four that looked past me being young, and helped me get the treatment I needed and hung in there when things didn’t go well. I would not be walking today without him and his amazing staff. Brittany, you’re a doll – thank you for always helping me smile when I wanted to cry sitting there in the office.”
– Talena Mendenhall, Facebook Review

The Most Common Injuries

Injuries disrupt life. Significant injuries can happen without warning at work, at home or while playing sports.

If you’re hurt on the job, it’s important to report it to your employer right away, and to seek treatment as soon as possible.

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At Go To Ortho, we understand that a sports injury doesn’t just interrupt the game, it interrupts your life.

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Falls are the number one cause of home injuries in the U.S.

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