Patient Testimonials

“We had an excellent experience as a walk in patient. Everyone was helpful and friendly. We were in and out quickly. A great way to take care of injuries!”
– Dugan D., Yelp Review

Patient Testimonials


“My son fell on the monkey bars at school on Friday. By the time we got home it was too late for the clinics I knew of. Talking to a friend, she suggested we visit Go To Ortho. I didn’t have an appointment on Monday morning but I drove there anyway. Wow, I was so glad I did – the visit was amazing from the moment we walked in the door. After filling out standard paperwork, we didn’t wait more than two minutes to be seen by the very attentive nurse. After getting some X-rays, a very nice doctor came in and said my son had a buckle fracture, nothing too serious, just needed a splint for a few weeks. The nurses made sure we knew how to put on the splint, and take care of it for the next three to four weeks. It took us longer to make the drive to the clinic than the whole visit took, let me move on with my day, and my son only missed one hour of school. Amazing staff, great doctors, clean, and new equipment, and super fast – what more can you want from an orthopedic clinic? Thanks Go To Ortho, you have a customer for life.”
– Jeremy Stromme, Facebook Review


“My son broke his toe, but I couldn’t get him in to his pediatrician for over a week. I brought him to the Go To Ortho clinic, where we were welcomed by the friendly staff and he was taken to X-ray right away. He was then seen by Alex Christy who took excellent care examining his broken toe and placed a splint and a boot for him. We were given thorough instructions and all of our questions were answered. We were in and out in 30 minutes. From beginning to end the staff were professional, friendly and courteous. I’m so thankful we have a facility such as this in our community. Please pass on a huge thank you to the staff at the Go To Ortho clinic!”
–Jen Tyson Jolicoeur, Facebook Review


“This office has great customer service. Patient care is number one priority.”
– Karen Weissenfels, Facebook Review


“Dr. Mirza and his staff are phenomenal. He is the only doctor out of four that looked past me being young, and helped me get the treatment I needed and hung in there when things didn’t go well. I would not be walking today without him and his amazing staff. Brittany, you’re a doll – thank you for always helping me smile when I wanted to cry sitting there in the office.”
– Talena Mendenhall, Facebook Review


“Extremely knowledgeable and caring staff. Dr. Frome is my doctor, and simply is the BEST at what she is doing! Thank you so much Dr Frome!”
– Vasilis Pantelidis, Google Review


“Dr. Mirza is an excellent doctor.”
– Mary Stephens, Google Review