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Safety advice for biking in the rain in Oregon

With Portland’s comparatively mild, rainy winters, even the most fair-weathered cyclist might consider cycling year round. Unless you want to arrive looking like a drowned cat, having the right rain gear and following rainy day safety tips will keep you dry and prevent accidents and injuries.

The right rain gear is crucial. In general you may want to buy:

  • Synthetic or wool (non-cotton) underclothes to keep sweat from sticking
  • Wool or fleece (non-cotton) shirt or sweater that breathes but keeps you warm
  • Waterproof jacket or rain cape
  • Waterproof rain pants and boots or shoe covers
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Waterproof bag, pannier, or backpack to keep your stuff dry
  • Fenders for your bike
  • A back and front light for your bike

Rain gear can get expensive, so consider doing a little research to help you pick out the right clothes for you. Outdoor Gear Lab provides reviews. Velo Joy proves rain gear doesn’t have to be ugly to be waterproof.

When you cycle in the rain, you need to take it slower and give yourself a lot more time to break. Avoid puddles that could be hiding potholes, nails, glass or slick leaves.

Check out this video for more safety tips:

Cycling all year long is great exercise and a sustainable transportation choice. Once you get used to it, cycling in the rain can even be relaxing and fun.


And hopefully it’s never necessary, but if you have a biking accident, remember that no appointments are needed at Go To Urgent Care in Beaverton or Lake Oswego. Stay safe!