What You Need In Your First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Injuries and accidents simply happen. They aren’t always preventable; however, despite their unpredictability, injuries and accidents can be prepared for. If you don’t have a first aid kit, have one but it is in some forgotten corner of your house, or if you’re looking to help keep you and your loved ones better prepared for the unforeseen, then keep reading to learn what you need in your first aid kit according to the experts!

Must Have Items In Your At-Home First Aid Kit

The American Red Cross has created a comprehensive, though non-exhaustive, list of items to have in a first aid kit that you can keep at home at all times.

A First Aid Guide

To start off the list, the American Red Cross recommends having a first-aid guide. The American Red Cross has one; although, there are free online resources you can utilize and you can also make your own that is particular to your family. If there are specific allergens particular to you or your family, for example, you can list them there as well as ways to intervene to help either yourself during the frantic nature of an emergency, or to help someone unfamiliar.

Dressings, Gauze, and Tape

Next up to have in your first aid kit are absorbent compress dressings, a gauze roller as well as gauze pads, and also a roll of cloth tape. The goal for these items is to have different types of wrappings you may need should an injury occur.

Bandages, Ointments, Gloves

A first aid kit will also need to have bandages, varying in size and type. The ointments you put into your first aid kit should be some type of antiseptic and antibiotic ointments. Gloves you utilize should be sterile gloves such as non-latex gloves to help dress wounds in case of injury.

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