Aches and Pains? Could It Be a Broken Bone?

Broken Bone

Fractures, or broken bones, can be serious injuries that need weeks of recovery. Without proper, timely attention, a broken bone can lead to deformity, disability, or complications with your cardiovascular system, such as a pulmonary embolism.

Though you may think having a broken bone would be painfully obvious–and in most cases, it is–there are some instances where you may have a broken bone and not recognize it as such.

Learning the uncommon signs of a broken bone and knowing what to do can help avoid difficult complications as well as get you on the road to recovery quicker. Here’s when your aches and pains could be due to a fracture.

Tenderness and Discomfort That Doesn’t Go Away

While fractures in load-bearing bones are harder to miss, as they can begin to affect how you walk, broken bones of the ribs or fingers may be harder to notice. If you’re noticing tenderness or discomfort–especially to the touch–that isn’t going away, it may be time to visit a doctor.


A lack of pain is typically a good sign; however, numbness or tingling can be a sign of nerve damage after an injury. Numbness following physical trauma could be a sign of a broken bone.


While swelling is a response seen in most injuries, swelling can be a sign of a broken bone. When swelling is more pronounced than you’re used to seeing with other injuries, such as bruises, or if it does not subside within a few days, it may be a sign of a fracture.

Find Broken Bone Treatment in Beaverton and Lake Oswego, OR

Because of the complications that can arise from broken bones, it is best to go to a doctor to know for certain if you think you may have suffered from a fracture.

Go To Ortho has a team of capable and accomplished medical professionals, from orthopedic doctors to physical therapists, who are ready to provide timely orthopedic care.

To learn if you have a broken bone and what you can expect recovery to look like, call 503-850-9950 to schedule an appointment today.


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