Introducing Go To Ortho, Portland’s First Immediate Injury Care Clinic

Introducing Go To Ortho, Portland’s First Immediate Injury Care Clinic 647899a191f38.jpeg

Direct access to orthopedic specialists in an urgent, walk-in clinic model

PORTLAND, OR — September 12, 2017 — Injuries disrupt life. Significant injuries, such as a dislocated elbow or broken ankle, happen without warning. They are impossible to plan for and often leave us not only in pain, but ill-equipped to navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system. Introducing Go To Ortho, a new immediate injury care clinic. Go To Ortho gives you direct access to orthopedic specialists and a team of medical support that specializes in injury care.

Approximately 30 percent of emergency room visits involve injuries. Recent reports claim that musculoskeletal ailments have surpassed the common cold as the number one reason for physician visits in the United States, according to Orthopaedic Care of the Mature Athlete.

“Most injuries are the result of accidents that can throw a monkey wrench into your life,” said Dr. Steve Madey, an orthopedic surgeon and a partner at Go To Ortho. “If you fall off your bike and break your wrist, how quickly you can get back to work and be productive is critical. We provide an easy access point to an expert orthopedic team. Our model maximizes efficiency and expertise while minimizing waiting and cost.”

The first clinic of its kind in the Portland metro area, Go To Ortho is an immediate injury care clinic where patients can walk in and be immediately seen by a team of specialists that day. If surgery is needed, the specialist schedules it at the appointment, minimizing delays for healing. By going directly to the specialists, patients can avoid extra appointments, as well as the typically higher costs of emergency room visits. Go To Ortho opened in Lake Oswego in August. Its launch follows the success of a similar care model introduced in many other cities in the U.S.

A 12-month study of an orthopedic urgent care clinic in Reno, Nevada, concluded that this healthcare model improves patients’ access to care while saving them money. The study found that the average charge for an orthopedic urgent care visit was $461 compared with $8,150 in a hospital emergency department. During the course of the study, orthopedic urgent care treatment reduced charges to the healthcare system by $97,819,458. Click here to view this study.

Go To Ortho is staffed by orthopedic surgeons who are specialized MDs that fix the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves and skin of the human body. Their team is comprised of orthopedic trauma doctors, physician assistants and nurses who have over 100 years of combined experience in dealing with every type of injury imaginable. They have worked extensively with local hospitals and urgent care clinics, helping patients referred to them after visiting the emergency room. At Go To Ortho, patients have direct access to these highly experienced physicians, with no referral necessary.

In addition to Dr. Madey, Go To Ortho physicians include Dr. Britton Frome, Dr. Amer Mirza and Dr. Corey Vande Zandschulp. Madey and Frome have special training in hands and microvascular surgery. Mizra specializes in joint replacement. All of the physicians at Go To Ortho have worked at Level 1 trauma centers and have spent their careers dealing with injuries.

While Go To Ortho is similar to other urgent, walk-in clinics, it doesn’t treat infections, flus, rashes, chronic health problems or anything unrelated to an injury. Typical injury symptoms are sharp pain, swelling, bruising and tenderness, particularly as a result of a fall, collision or repetitive strain. They also treat cuts, wounds and joint pain. Immediate treatments may include splinting, braces, casting and stitches.


About Go To Ortho Urgent Care Clinic 

Go To Ortho now offers two  locations – in Lake Oswego at 4103 Mercantile Dr., Lake Oswego, OR 97035 and in Cedar Hills at 2695 Southwest Cedar Hills Blvd., Suite 140, Beaverton, OR 97005​. The clinics are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. To learn more about the area’s first immediate injury care clinic, visit or call (503) 850-9950.


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