Torn Ligaments: Symptoms & Treatments

Ligament tear

Ligaments are strong fibrous tissues that help connect bones in our body at a joint. This helps provide stability but also provides a bit of added controlled movement. Healthy and strong ligaments are essential for movement, stability, and strength. A Ligament tear can cause a lack of mobility, pain and discomfort, and weakness in the body. Knowing the signs of a torn ligament, and the treatments for one, is important.

How Can a Ligament Tear?

Believe it or not, it actually doesn’t take much for a ligament to tear. While it can happen during any activity, this injury most commonly occurs in sports. A quick or sudden twist, turn, or leg extension can result in a torn ligament. When doing these movements, the ligaments in the ankles and knees are especially vulnerable to damage or tearing.

Signs of a Torn Ligament

Since a torn ligament can happen doing almost any activity that requires movement or force, knowing the signs of a torn ligament can be very useful. The main signs of a torn ligament include the following:

  • A loud snap, pop, or cracking sound
  • Swelling and bruising in the suspected area
  • Decrease in mobility
  • Moderate or significant pain in the suspected area

If you have any of these signs, it may be an indicator that you’ve torn a ligament. It is possible to have these symptoms and not have a full tear, so it is important to get a professional examination done.

Treatment For Ligament Tears

If you’ve partially torn a ligament, it is possible for it to heal on its own. A full tear, however, will most likely require surgery and physical therapy. Length of recovery depends on a few factors such as the ligament is torn, the grade of the tear, and if any other injuries were sustained. The most effective and common treatment for torn ligaments is surgical procedures.

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